Race or Quiz Night?

You asked for it!

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So, following the highly successful Garve & District Christmas Party, organisers came together and are asking if you want more social events?

Race Night or Quiz Night?

On a very cold and snowy evening this week, 12 members of the community gathered at Garve Village Hall to make plans for next Christmas, yes a very organised bunch indeed!
Word on the ground is that an invitation has already been sent to the big fella in the red coat and black boots to visit Garve and District again in December 2019, how exciting I do love Christmas.
But in the meantime, feedback from the community has been around developing more community social events and this great bunch of people who have, up until now, been known as the Garve & District Community Christmas Party Group are on the case.

So folks, all you have to do is comment below and let us know your preference - Race Night or Quiz Night, easy peasy.  (I know what my choice would be!)

Oh, and any ideas on a new name for the group also?

Over to you ......


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Helen Forteith said:

I think race night would be really fun and competitive as quiz you have to find a team ......hmmmm that would be hard.......just anything sociable in garve would be good for,the community after all there’s not a lot of us

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Lynne Shearer said:

Excuse my ignorance but what is a race night?? The quiz nights have been really good in the past and I'd be up for that.

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Tina Hartley said:

Hi Lynne, I said the same thing wasn't sure what a Race Night was but seemingly it can be horses or camels!  Whatever the decision I am sure it will be good fun.

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Marion Taylor said:

Quiz nights in Garve Hall were always good fun - have a quiz night in the spring and a race night in the summer with a barbeque

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Jeanette Fenwick said:

I’m up for either. Quiz nights have been fun in the past and I’ve never competed in a race night so good to try something new. 

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Moira Harris said:

I agree with Marion - why not have both during the year?

When the AGNV ran quiz nights in Garve Hall we invited everyone, irrespective of whether or not they were in a team. It's easy to put together teams on the night and it doesn't matter if numbers aren't exact. 

And a good quiz setter will make sure everyone can have a go at answering questions so no need to worry if you don't think you're any good at quizzes.

The main objective was always to have a fun social event with food and drink and lots of laughs! Numbers and ability were always secondary!

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Mark Dale said:

Any social event would be nice to meet the folks, although a do like to be competitive , so a quiz night for me.

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