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New Road Signs for Wyvis Natural Play Park

Post in Ideas by Tina Hartley
Vote Now - Do you think new road signs directing traffic to the designated Play Park entrance is a good idea?

How do we get visitors using the desigated play park entrance?

A community member has put forward this idea and asked it to be posted and voted on.

The Highland Council and the Forestry Commission have been contacted regarding more signs to ensure visitors are directed to the designated Play Park entrance.  Both have said that they are not responsible for signs and suggested that residents erect and pay for signs themselves.  There is currently a sign on the main Ullapool Road but it is felt that this is inadequate and not really directing people from Dingwall to the proper entrance.

Ideally, additonal signs along the route would help alleviate traffic on Little Garve Road, residents have tried to have the speed limit reduced but it does not fall into Highland Council's criteria.  

Vote now and your comments would be welcomed.

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Questions & Comments

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Uisdean Menzies said:

I would be happy with that, as long as there is one put up for the new one at the School. 


Helen Forteith said:

Think it’s a great idea as folk go down lots of roads to try and find it they like our drive lol


Kathy Grist said:

Fed up of cars coming down the single track road, no passing places and kids back and forth by the park. Better if people come in the right way and park in the designated carpark

Blair Millen said:

"Better if people come in the right way"

Interesting point Kathy... from my experience of walking (and running) around the area, I haven't seen any clear indication of how to get to either of the play parks. No signage that says, "this way" or whatever. Apart the wooden embellishment to the Forestry sign on the A835 after the Little Garve turn-off... nothing!

To keep locals happy and reduce the level of unwanted traffic passing by their houses, better signage is a must.


Sheree Grant said:

Good idea - may make visitors slow down  and provide better protection for Children and others using the area


Jean Bailey said:

I do not think the Wyvis Natural Play Park needs more signage, but it would be nice to see a sign at school public playground, so everyone feels free to enjoy it. 

Lynne Shearer said:

I'm 50:50 on this one personally. The investment in building the park in the first place should mean that the public need to be using it but (maybe selfishly) I don't really want to be encouraging more day trippers into the area. I love the peace and quiet, I enjoy walking around without having to bump into too many people. That said I am all for a community hub which provides facilities but the conflict with me on that one too is the potential increase in visitors and the possible issues that come with that (noise and litter). I also think there are enough signs on the roads without adding more though I do appreciate if there was suitable signage at the correct points it would avoid people taking the wrong routes and upsetting residents who live more locally to the park itself. 


Pamela Morrison said:

Lynne makes so many observations here that I would endorse but sometimes feel like a lone voice in the wilderness or should that read a lone voice crying on the side of a rural  road. I am looking forward to lunch in Garve and tea in Achnasheen on Thursday, 21st  February. A long day for the workers!

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