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Stakeholder Meeting on Thursday, 21st February 2019

Post in Community Development by Lucy Beattie
An open invitation to local organisations, community groups or businesses that operate in Garve and District. Engage with the Garve and District Development Company strategic planning process.

STAKEHOLDER MEETING 9.30am - 11am, Thursday, 21st February 2019, Garve Village Hall

The Garve and District Development Company will develop a 5 year strategic plan that will guide the future development of the Garve and District Community. In 2016, a survey conducted by Aigas Associates highlighted a number of opportunities for the community. This plan will build upon those foundations through community engagement and consultation, by reporting back on community achievements to date and identifying priorities for the future.

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The Company’s mission is to improve the social, cultural, economic and environmental well-being of individuals and businesses by identifying and meeting community needs. It wishes to create enterprise and projects, care for the environment and promote the use of local resources, working with and for the local community whilst involving people, groups and businesses.

This meeting is an invitation for stakeholders who may be involved in the community through their work or business interests. There will be further opportunity to consult on the draft plan throughout the Spring for all community members. These further dates will be announced soon.

For more information, or to RSVP contact, refreshments will be served including bacon rolls, veggie rolls, tea and coffee.

Questions & Comments

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Rita Bishop said:

Hi, I’m likely to be able to attend the meeting however, I do have some thoughts that I would like to be considered when looking at forward planning. 

1. The Ben Wyvis car park needs to be made larger with toilet facilities and a ‘help’ telephone (many visitors have mobiles that do not work in the area)

2. With increasing housing in the area there needs to be consideration of further employment opportunities. I would therefore propose that consideration be given with working with the Highland Council with a view of finishing the ski lift to the top of Wyvis and creating ski runs, Wyvis often has snow outlasting that in the Cairngorms so this could be an opportunity.

3. That consideration is given to the opportunities provided by the NC500, new advantage view parking places should be identified and plans put forward to the Council.

4. That the District and Community County take a strong lobbying role with the Highland Council over those larger projects deemed of local importance.

It maybe that I have missed such discussions in the past for which I apologise 

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Tina Hartley said:

Hi Rita, thanks for your comments they will all be noted.  

Although this meeting is aimed at community organisations, businesses etc we will be holding a community residents meeting also to to share the draft Community Development Plan, hopefully you could join us for this.

Thanks again Rita.

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Kenny Maclean said:

There was talk of a railway up Ben Wyvis from Dingwall I think in the 1970's.  Perhaps it wasn't viable then.  Perhaps others on here can remember ...

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Tina Hartley said:

Thanks to all who attended our Stakeholder Event it was great to see you and hear your views which have all been noted!

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Tina Hartley said:

and ....  thanks to Out of the Blue Catering for a wonderful lunch, and tray bakes, make the event more social.

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