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Post in Community Development by Tina Hartley
A recent post celebrated what the community has achieved to date following on from the Community Survey of 2016.

Community development what next?

From chatting with you one to one, via email, on the phone, at meetings or through our community on-line hub, it would seem that the priorities of the original Community Survey carried out 2016 remain.

What are the remaining priorities from 2016, did we miss anything?  Look over the list below and let us have your comments.  Are these still your priorities, do you have new suggestions?

From the Community Survey, the following are remaining priorities with response numbers:-

Priority Ideas for Community activities/projects Responses
1 New Community Hub/Hall 50
2 A shop in Garve 40
3 Community care/care at home scheme for the elderly 30
4 More community activities/clubs e.g photography, painting, fishing 21
5 Improvement to existing village hall e.g. insulation, new windows 20
6 Community transport scheme e.g. minibus   As reported in the GDCC Minutes of September 17 - "The School bus is a public service bus which means people can be in Dingwall and Inverness before 9.00am in the morning." 20
7 Handy man service for the elderly (a service currently exists - Ross and Cromarty) 20
8 Footpath network 18
9 Environmental Projects (recently a Community Garded has been suggested) 4

On-Going Priorities:

  • Energy Group - there are lots of ideas coming from the Energy Group, keep an eye on their page listed at the bottom of the website for updates and of course we will post news as it happens.
  • Broadband Group - as you know the group is making fantastic progress, again keep an eye on their page listed at the bottom of the website also.

The survey also stated a broader community visions:

  • A community that cares for its elderly residents - The September 2017 GDCC Minutes reported that "land originally offered for housing is still available for sheltered housing".
  • A community where people have both the opportunity to live and work.
  • A community which has a balanced demographic of young, working age and older residents.
  • A community which has invested in its future with legacy projects providing a sustainable future.

Questions & Comments

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John Fenwick said:

Reduced energy costs for households had 42 supporters in the Community Needs Survey.

Although the rebate scheme was well received with over 70% of households applying, there are other ways to further bring down energy costs and keep everyone warm for less.

  • A community oil buying club – buy in bulk – bring down the cost

  • switching to low energy lightbulbs – coming very soon

  • help to better insulation

  • help to install renewables

  • help for vulnerable members of the community

We’ve only just scratched the surface with what could be achieved

Check out “Energy Group” on the website menu and let us know your views and ideas.

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Ed Tarr said:

John, the energy group is one of the best examples of community benefits yet. The help for vunerable  members would be a good scheme for getting lonely and isolated folk back in touch with the rest of the community.

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