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Thumbs Up, Community Christmas Party 2018

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There are big plans afoot for a Garve & District Community Christmas Party, but the question is who wants to meet Santa?

Santa with a little bit of country and western music thrown in!

The Garve and District Community Christmas Party Group want to know who is interested in attending?

The plan is to hold a Community Christmas Party on Saturday, 8 December 2018, 6.00 pm onwards for all residents (and friends and relatives who maybe staying with them) at Garve Village Hall.  The party is for all ages and volunteers will provide transport, if required, to and from the event.

Some of the ideas the group have discussed are:-

  • The main man himself will be arriving to say a jolly hello to all and for our younger residents, who have been on his nice list all year, a present will be given. 
  • Party Games for young and old.
  • Possible chill out room for younger children.
  • Local band and I do believe special requests will include country and western songs.
  • Food and BYOB
  • Dancing till late!

Let's see a big thumbs up for the event - sounds like a fun party, can't wait!

You can speak to Sheree Grant directly, comment below or email us and we will pass the message on.

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