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Christmas cheer anyone?

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The G&D Community Events Group have put forward an idea to brighten up the community ....

Christmas Competition

We all know that this Christmas, this year, is going to be different to previous ones for our community, sadly no Christmas Party and the joy of just meeting in person to celebrate the festive season.

The Garve & District Community Events Group are putting forward the following idea: -

The Events Group are wondering if we should have a competition for the best Christmas themed garden in the community area. So let us know what you think ?

Every watched the Deck the Halls movie?; It's a favourite in our household at Christmas - lets make Garve and District so bright that you could see us from space this year!

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Pamela Morrison said:

Light pollution.  Competing?  Consideration of close neighbours'  likes or dislikes. Inappropriate use of  valuable  energy resources? ( The single tree at the Hall entrance is always beautiful and more than adequate in heralding the Christmas  Message). Confusion  for visiting reindeer pulling a sleigh and used to navigating by stars and moonlight. However, I concede that as I don't  have close neighbours I  perhaps wasn't  qualified to vote. 

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Flora Smith said:

Hi Pam I think in these difficult times it would be fun to see some pretty lights to cheer us up in the dark days of winter as it looks as if there is not going to be a lot of cheer this Christmas. l hope you are keeping well. Flora

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Pamela Morrison said:

Hello Flora, I hope you and Eddie are well and the animals coping  with the constant rainy weather. You are right, it does look like Christmas might be a sad time for many of us but I am sure there will be some lovely Christmas trees trimmed up beautifully around the area.The thought of anything like the illustration in this post being  closeby for a week or two  would  spoil  Christmas for  me (and  mine)  , I know.   I was thinking about  people who  have gardens very close to one another  . As for competing....who would ever dare to be the judge?So, although I wasn't  expecting my earlier remarks to go public I stand by them and really appreciate seeing other oppinions.


Jean Bailey said:

I am writing to support Pam, off course, it is up to individual householders, if they wish to spend their own time and money on Christmas Lights.

In this time when we are told by the government and environmentalists that we should do every thing possible, to save energy, light bulbs, insulation, electric cars etc.etc. I wonder if a competition for best lit up property, is the way to go.

I personally think that a lighted candle in a window is the most touching sign of Christmas.

As Pam wrote, good luck with finding a judge.

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Sheree Grant said:

Just want to add that we are looking for a themed garden so doesn’t have to be lots of lights.

Also we have 2 volunteer judges from out with the community.

Looking forward to seeing some Christmas Cheer

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Louise Urquhart said:

Wonderful idea.   This year has been very strange for us all, it doesn't have to be about competition but a community coming together and having a little bit of festive fun together.

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