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Create Youth Theatre recently ran a hugely successful pilot short film project, The 3 Minute Film Project, which was open to their students during this difficult Lockdown period.

Film Festival in 3 Minutes - Wow!

The idea behind the project was to encourage students to get creative, whilst avoiding being on ‘Zoom’.

The students (Aged between 9-14 but as long as parents can led a hand can be younger) were given a ‘Film Pack’ that included a selection of clip-on filters (compatible with any smartphone) and some (often very random!) props, alongside a full brief and were then asked to create a 3 Minute Film. They were all given the title ‘Through the Looking Glass’.

Students were supported through this journey with instructions on simple storyboarding, camera technique etc. Once the ‘rushes’ were produced, the films were edited by our team, and soundtracks were added/composed for the films. Each film was to last approximately 3 minutes.

The final films were live-streamed as a Live 3 Minute Film Festival to approximately 200 family and friends. We were delighted with the feedback from everyone involved.

Create is looking for the opportunity to run a follow-up festival for creative local youngsters still in lockdown.

If you think your child might be interested in learning more about simple film making, you can watch the final films in the link below. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we all enjoyed making them.

It would be great to work with the youngsters of Garve and District again!

Sot Otter

Director. Create Youth Theatre

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