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Women's Group is off the Ground!

Post in Community Groups & Events by Morven MacDonald
And it's off! A flying start thanks to these lovely women. Great company, fresh baked scones and delicious coffee. Next meet up is Monday 11th September at 9.30am at Aultguish Inn

Thank You Aultguish Inn

There was a lovely relaxed atmosphere and informal chat going on over coffee and scones. I talked the group through the options available and also spoke with the Aultguish Inn team, aiming for the best outcome possible, for everyone going forward.
The Aultguish Inn team went out of their way to provide fresh baked scones, victoria sponge and chocolate cake despite the kitchen being closed on a Saturday afternoon as staff take a well earned break. They pulled out all the stops, surpassing our expectations. So good of them and everyone enjoyed the fabulous scones. 
Record Numbers Interested!
We have nineteen people interested in the group currently. A record for any of our group start ups! All have received a further email today with the information in this post, plus the names of everyone interested and the feedback form (if they have not yet completed it and wish to do so.) The groups wishes, will shape how it moves forward from here, putting any suggestions for changes to a group vote as we progress.
Let me know if you would like to be added to the email or phone list here or you can email me as usual or phone 07838 815085 and leave a message. 
aultguish inn and half eaten scone and coffee
We had further suggestions for the group name on Saturday. The groups temporary name will be Women's Group. Everyone that has shown interest has been asked on email to send their top two choices. The name will be decided after Wednesday 6th September when voting will close.
  • Ladies Munch
  • Ladies wot Lunch
  • Leading Ladies
  • Cakes and Cookies
  • Girly Gassbags
  • Sassy ladies
  • Tea n Talks
  • One, Two, Tea
  • You, me and a cup of tea
  • Ladies who Brunch
  • Empowering Women
  • Blether
  • Ladies Merry Munch
  • Sassy Lassies
  • Merry Munches
  • Tea and a Blether
  • Blether Bunch
  • Blether Time
​​​​​​Next Session
The next session will be on Monday 11th September at 9.30am with breakfast from the buffet with tea or coffee or biscuits/cake, depending what is available.  Women caring for young children are welcome to bring them along. Let me know if you hope to attend.
Offer each other lifts to save on fuel, help those that are uncomfortable driving far or don't have access to transport and enjoy the company.
The project and company aims, include supporting and encouraging the economy in Garve & District. We always support our eateries in the district as a first priority and I was delighted Aultguish Inn was acceptable and chosen by some residents as the venue of choice for this group. Aultguish Inn have said they will be closing for the season on 1st October so meetings will then be at Ledgowan Lodge Hotel possibly alternating with Coul House whilst Aultguish Inn is closed. We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

The feedback showed equal numbers could attend a Monday morning to a Saturday afternoon. It is only fair to give this day and time a chance to see if it is well attended too. I have brought the date forward a little from what we discussed on Saturday so it is not so long to wait and more of the Saturday group might make it too.

If you know of anyone that cannot access online information easily, please let me know. I can phone or send a paper copy by Royal Mail of the monthly activities on a regular basis. The G&D News is on it's way too. Likewise if you know anyone that requires an alternative format or method of communication, please let me know.
They can also ring the company mobile number and leave a message with their postal address where paper copies are required. Phone 07838 815 085

Who Can Attend?
Anyone from inside or outside Garve & District. The funding for the tea, coffee, soft drink and breakfast/biscuits/cake is available to residents within the district in line with the funding rules. Please do ask friends from outside the area along, it will only cost them what they eat and drink. The food available on the day will be influenced by what the venues can offer.

Keeping in Touch
I will come along to the first few sessions to get everything set up. Thanks to those that volunteered to update me after each session on attendance. We need this as evidence to demonstrate folk are benefitting and for the funding to continue. Those that have shown interest, please reply to the email sent to you when you have 5 minutes.

My Availability
I work part-time up to 25 hours per week with occasional weekend events. I will pick up all emails when I am next at my desk as I progress through my workload and priorities. I will monitor social media during my working hours. It has been an exceptionally busy time with the Summer Festival around the corner plus additional workshops, planning for events and maintaining all that we have already. Apologies for any delay in responding to emails.

I am always mindful that it is a small percentage of the Garve and District population that access social media and there can be many misunderstandings. I welcome constructive ideas and suggestions of how we can improve things across the whole project and may request a phone call to talk things through with clarity, a chat in person or if not possible, an email. If it is a topic of wider interest to the community, I can create a post on garve.org that will also go to the digital newsletter by email and to facebook ensuring as much of the community as possible has the opportunity to read the information. It may also be mentioned in the next G&D Newspaper that comes through your letterbox.

Activate Garve & District Project Aims Reminder
The Activate Garve & District Project started in January 2020. The aims of the project were to reduce isolation and increase connection by creating activities and groups, supporting them to get started and become self sustainable. As things evolved and classes with paid tutors became popular, the aims of the project changed to reducing isolation, improving connection through creating activities and groups that aim to become self sustainable, improving the wellbeing and quality of life of the residents of Garve & District. The project and my role are guaranteed for this phase. A further funding application would then be submitted to Lochluichart Community Trust for a further phase.
Role of Project Officer
My role as Project Officer is to listen to the ideas from residents, create activities that will be successful in the district, encourage participation and connection. I establish which events will be successful by asking for feedback or bookings. I phone residents that I am aware do not use a computer to update them on activities they may be interesed in. I do need your help to hear about folk that do not use a computer so I can offer them a phone call or I can post a paper copy of feedback forms and the monthly activities poster.
I strive to provide a cross section of activities to suit everyone in the community and I am always keen to encourage anyone to get involved and hear everyone's ideas. The more activities I can provide, positively impacting a wider range of the community, the better.
The community means a lot to me and I act in its best interests. It is very rewarding seeing the activities that are now up and running plus those that are planned and ad-hoc seasonal activities that the community have benefited from. It is a busy role, I continuously learn and love involving more people and seeing new connections being made that offer friendship, support and enjoyment​​​​​​ across the community. A big part of what makes our rural communities such a wonderful place to live.

Thanks to Lochluichart Community Trust for funding the Activate Garve & District Project Phase 3, all the volunteer directors and community hall supporters plus the local hospitality venues helping to bring the community together.

I hope that covers everything and look forward to hearing from you all and seeing those that can make it on 11th September.


Activate Garve & District Project Officer


Questions & Comments

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Flora Smith said:

Hi Morven, I really enjoyed the ladies get together on Saturday. There is nothing like a cuppa and a blether, the scone was an added bonus.  My vote would go to You Me and  Cup of Tea for a name for the group.  Thanks again Flora

Sue Tarr said:

Hi Morven, what a great update. Look forward to hearing what the vote decides on a name for the Ladies!

Karen Meikle said:

Hi Morven

I thoroughly enjoyed the first Ladies Get Together, great company and chat accompanied with yummy Coffee & Scones, basically, what's not to like.

Am already looking forward to the next one and thanks to you for organising it and thanks to the Aultguish Inn also.

Was really lovely to meet you all

- Karen - 

Anne Dale said:

Hi Morven, many thanks for organising the Women's Group. It was a lovely relaxed afternoon, with lots of friendly chat. Thanks also to The Aultguish Inn for their very good coffee and delicious scones. I'm looking forward to the next time. Anne 

Tina Hartley said:

Hi Morven

Sounds like a great catch up and what lovely and uplifting comments.  I do like it when a bunch of like-minded folk come together!  Sounds like the Aultguish Inn did you proud.  18 interested wow that is just brilliant, as you say we always try to listen to all voices and move forward together.

Hope the group goes from strength to strength - well done Morven.

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