Have quill, will conquer

We need your direction

Post in Company by Blair Millen
Want to help shape the community? Become a director of the Garve & District Development Company and make a difference.

Not sure you've got what it takes? Well, if you're:

  • Enthusiastic about contributing to the community
  • Keen to improve the lives of local residents
  • Happy to spare a few hours per month

...then you'd fit in perfectly!

What your role would involve

As a Director of the Garve and District Development Company, you will be at the heart of deciding how the community’s needs will be met, and how everyone’s well-being will be improved. You will play a unique role in regenerating and developing the community in which you live and work, for the benefit of everyone living in it, now and in the future.

Our vision

The company has a vision of a self-sustaining community where everyone leads the fulfilled life they seek. Its mission is to improve the social, cultural, economic and environmental well-being of individuals and businesses by identifying and meeting community needs in these areas. It will create enterprise and projects, care for the environment, and promote the use of local resources, working with and for the local community, involving people, groups and businesses.

Your enthusiasm

While we welcome applications from individuals who can bring useful and professional experience you are not expected to be an expert. We ultimately want people who are willing to give their time and have the enthusiasm to contribute to the community.

How to apply

Sign in to the member's area to view the application form.