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Community Meeting Please Join Us!

Post in Community Care by Tina Hartley
Join us for an informal chat, what is the Development Company doing to support the Garve & District Community during lockdown? What else does the community need?

Virtual Meeting

The Board and staff of The Garve & Districrt Development Company want to make themselves available, as much  as possible, during our lockdown situation.  We therefore invite the community to join us for a virtual meeting via Zoom on Wednesday, 29 April 2020, at 7pm.  You just need to pop over to Zoom, hit the join meeting button and input the meeting link.  
Our first session will be about what your Development Company has achieved so far in support of the community during Covid19 and more imprtantly to get your views on what else can be done to support everyone during these difficult times.  So far we have:-
  • Administered and processed the Covid19 Supporting our Community Grant - funded by LCT.
  • Worked in partnership with Garve Hotel and Out of the Blue Catering to provide a Community Food Hub - staff time, delivery and equipment costs funded by LCT.
  • Collation of volunteer and community need information, making connections in our community.
  • Liaison with GDCC and publication of local Government Covid19 information.
  • Liaison with Dingwall community support hub.
  • Liaison with Social Workers and District Nurse Teams.
  • Constant updates provided on, your on-line community hub
  • Covid19 Mutual Support Facebook page in place
  • Posting virtual activities for the community to get involved in via our Activate Garve & District Project
  • Responding to emails, phone calls and personal messages regarding requests for help and support from community residents.
  • Increased communication and virtual meetings between the Board and staff during lockdown
What more can be done?  What other support do you need?
Please join us for an informal chat, once you make contact a meeting link and password will be issued to you and you will be good to go on the day.
Contact us for the meeting link here - Community Virtual Meeting

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