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Now is a good time to buy oil, we will be ordering very soon so please let us know if you wish to place an order.

Oil Buying Club

Hi All,

Thanks for the current orders, we currently have 12,350 litres on this order. We were due to send this off for a price on the 1st May, but since the current price is fantastically low, we're going to buy early on Tuesday morning.

If you haven't ordered, please get back to use by THIS MONDAY EVENING (27th). The slump in oil demand due to Covid-19 has pushed prices down to about half what we paid last buy! Today's price for a small order was 23p (we paid 43p last time). With the volume we're ordering we should get a better price, so if you can, this is a great time to top off your tank. As the lockdowns end, fuel demand will go up, and so will the prices, so I'm expecting it to rise for our next buy in August.



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