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Post in Community Energy by Tina Hartley
The results of the Contin, Strathpeffer, Marybank and Garve transport consultation are now available

Feasibility of Community Transport Service for Contin Comunity Council

A joint Contin, Strathpeffer, Marbank and Garve local transport consultation recently took place which resulted in a report "Feasibility of Community Transport Service for Contin Community Council" (DHC August 2020) - you can read the full document using the download link below.  A couple of quotes from the document: -

There were few specific additional bus travel opportunities identified by the residents from Garve or Marybank suggesting limited scope for additional bus services. The opportunities for improved travel from these places were more  directed towards flexible transport options such as booked community or commercial transport services.

From Garve, the people that cannot drive and who cannot walk to the train station need door to door solutions like the community car or taxi.

People in Garve have limited interest in additional scheduled bus services, noting that the scheduled rail services were useful for some trips and that other trips required more demand responsive options.

There are a number of community transport models from car shares, minibus, local community taxi service - all with electric vehicle options!  Some options are detailed below, but due to Covid19 maybe restricted just now.

Rosshire Voluntary Action Care Scheme

Moray Care Care

Huntly & District Community Trust Car Club

Pilot project to trial electric community car - Wales

Do we need a new community transport service in Garve and District?

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