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So, the feedback from Garve and District about community transport was that you wanted a flexible, bookable service - is that right?

Community Consultation

As part of the recent "Feasibility of a Community Transport Service for Contin Community Council" (DHC August 2020), feedback from residents of Garve and District suggested you wanted some sort of flexible provision.
What about getting together a few interested community residents, with myself to support you, to see what the community does actually want from a transport service? 
Anyone interested in having a say and moving this forward?
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Martin Sadowski said:

Hi folks I'm fairly new to the area and I noticed that there is a lack of transport available for the area like a taxi mini bus ect for locals and also the tourism's who come to the area as the local train that stops in garve and there isn't a steady connection between the railway and the bus networks 

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Tina Hartley said:

Thanks for your comments Martin, this is true and something that was highlighted in the recent transport survey commissioned by Contin Community Council.

I would have thought community transport may have been an issue for Garve & District but I may be wrong.

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Pamela Morrison said:

Community transport was a very early  " issue " for many of us but  the topic  was swamped by  other projects, ( I am not referring to broadband  provision)  so I can only hope it didn't  sink without trace. 

Tina Hartley said:

Hi Pam, thanks for your comment - good to know you feel this should be high on the agenda.  

In the 2016 community survey, community transport was the 10th most important priority from a list of 12.  At this point, the residents had no Development Company to represent them in terms of community development.  However, with the advent of the Company (2017) and paid staff (2018) the Community Development plan went out to full consultation and  was agreed in 2019.  

I am pleased to say, from these remaining priorities, the Company then concentrated its efforts on ensuring a balance was made between major long-term projects and smaller quick impact ones.  

In summary Pam, I can assure you that Community Transport is high on the agenda, but needs full commitment from the community to allow the Development Company to take it forward. 

Thanks again Pam it is really good to know you have an interest.

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