EDF Renewables Corriemoillie Education and Training Fund

Post in Training Fund by EDF and Foundation Scotland
The EDF-ER Corriemoillie Education and Training Fund is provided by EDF Energy Renewables (EDF-ER), the owners of the Corriemoillie wind farm, located near Garve.

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This fund forms part of a broader community benefit fund package linked to the wind farm and made available to the communities in the vicinity of the wind farm, equal to £5,000 per MW of installed capacity.

Based on the current wind farm export capacity of 48.45MW, the overall Corriemoillie Community Fund will comprise £242,250 in total per year, rising annually in accordance with the Consumer Price Index. 20% of this funding has been allocated to a sub-fund, the Education and Training Fund (the Fund), and this proportioning will be reviewed after three years of the Fund’s operation. The year one donation to the Fund from EDF-ER for distribution as grant awards was £48

The fund is now open for applications - Education and Training Fund

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