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Post in Company by Tina Hartley
We have signed up to Scotland's Digital Participation Charter and committed to their five key pledges - allowing Scotland to work together and skill up our digital nation.

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Scotland's Digital Participation Charter - "We are on a mission: to give everyone in Scotland the essential digital skills they need to do their jobs, live their lives, and confidently use different digital services." 

The Garve and District Development Company have signed the charter and committed to the following 5 pledges:-

  • We ensure that our staff & volunteers have the opportunity to develop essential digital skills.
  • We support our staff & volunteers to help others learn essential digital skills and embrace digital tools.
  • We support our nation by contributing resources and practical support for Scotland in whatever ways we can.
  • We support a common language based on digital participation and essential digital skills to make our thinking and actions as clear as possible.
  • We channel our efforts through the Digital Participation programme so that our activities are coordinated and build on each other.

What the Plan?

Fingers Crossed

We are developing a programme (as suggested in the Community Survey) of inter-generational social activities that will give older members of our community the opportunity to come together with younger members who will help run a number of digital awarness events.  Garve & District, our new on-line hub, is a really great digital environment, a great place for a blether!  We want to make sure as many folk as possible are able to use it.  

We will let you know the results of our funding application - fingers crossed!

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