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Great feedback about TGDDC's AGM!

Post in Company by Tina Hartley
The Garve and District Development Company were extremely pleased to see fantastic community support at their recent community event and AGM, with over 40 people in attendance.

Community Event and AGM

TGDDC celebrated their first year with a community event followed by thier Annual General Meeting at Garve Village Hall on 1 November 2018.

The community event welcomed groups from LCT, GDCC, NC500, Energy Group, Broadband Group and RSABI in a relaxed atmosphere that provided some light refreshments for all. The children's drawing table proved successful and some wonderful pictures from the children were on display.

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As a company we wanted to use the event to get community views about the future of Garve & District and these are just a few put forward:-

A great new pathwork for connecting communities

Extend and refurbish Garve Village Hall

Community Garden for all abilities

Drama Activities

Care in the community

Yoga, Mindfulness,Keep Fit classes

Music nights at the hall

Garve BBQ Summer and Winter

Nature Walks, Craft Shop, Craft sessions

So, some fantastic ideas out there - just keep them coming.

You can check out the draft AGM minutes here, note these will not be approved until our next AGM in 2019.

Great Annual General Meeting last night!'s not often you can call an AGM fun... but it was!

A huge thank you to Tina, Lucy, Sheila and all the members of the Board for making the AGM a great social occasion for the community last night. It was a great idea to invite local community groups to be present beforehand and to provide refreshments as well. I've never known such a party atmosphere at an AGM! And lovely to see the youngsters there too and taking part in proceedings!

It was great to see another good turn out and such a well organised AGM. Congratulations to all involved.

Thankyou for a fun agm and all the volunteers on the board are doing a great job for the community.

More events planned, watch this space!

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