New members but more needed!

Post in Company by Tina Hartley
We are pleased to celebrate the fact that The Garve and District Development Company are gaining new members every day, but we still need more - tell a friend!

Well, how pleased are we to have new members - 89 people have now signed up to the website from Garve and District Community - wow, fantastic, amazing, blown away and THANK YOU!

Ok, we now need you all to once again spread the word, Tina and Lucy's main priority is to produce a Community Development Plan and it would be sooooooo easy to get you all involved if we could contact the majority of you through here.

Don't worry, others won't be forgotten we will make every effort to communicate with those people who are unable to access the community on-line hub.

Please help us you have all been so supportive, introduce a friend, neighbour of business to the site - let's make a difference to the community we live in.

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