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42 out of 153 Households

Post in The Garve & District Development Company by Tina Hartley
So far 42 households have provided feedback on community development priorities for the future, but we need many more!

Community Development Plan – Annual Review 2020

The Annual Review and opportunity to provide community feedback on future priorities (in both paper and digital format) was sent out to every household within Garve and District; posted to the on-line community hub; shared widely across social media; and forwarded to Lochluichart Community Trust and Garve & District Community Council members/contacts.

To date we have received 68 community feedback responses, residents have identified community development priorities for the future, told us what continued support they need coming out of Covid19 and shared some ideas regarding new development opportunities.

The 68 responses represent 42 households from a total of 153 around 27.5% which is a good start, but we have so many more residents out there that we would like to hear from.  It really is important to show potential funders that the community has truly had the opportunity to have their say about what they want to see happen in their community.

The Garve & District Development Company are trying so very hard to give you this opportunity in lots of different ways.  So please, we urge you to return your Community Feedback sheet in the SAE provided or, just complete the survey via this link: -


No further responses will be considered after, Monday, 31 August 2020.

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Rita Bishop said:

Is there a view that people are not listened too? Contin is building a lovely new village hall, which, again will put Garve in the shade. Where is the proposal for a new hall for Garve, somewhere where badminton can be played or 5 a side football, with a gym side room, areas for nursery groups. I’m not talking one the size of Straths but, come on, surely we can do better than just refurbishing or extending the current hall? If we have to live with the wind farms then surely we can build something worthwhile? Of course if there is really a view to look to the future then, skiing on Wyvis?

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Tina Hartley said:

Good Evening Rita Thank you so much for taking the time to post your comment, it really is appreciated. You will recall that during 2019 two things happened that led the Development Company to support Trustees with their plans to refurbish the hall: -

  1. The Trustees held an open community event inviting all community residents to listen to and view their own ideas around refurbishment.  The event attracted 42 people, all of whom said they wished to see the existing hall refurbished.
  2. An independent, Community Assets Feasibility Study was undertaken, and part of the study was to engage with the community and ascertain their views around the development of a new hall or redevelopment of the existing hall.  Questions posed were – Option 1 - should we consider redevelopment and expansion of Garve Public Hall or Option 2 - look at a new build community hall. The results from community consultation were 64% in favour of Option 1, 24% in favour of Option 2, and 12% in favour of neither option.

We therefore listened to the community and are working with Garve Public Hall Trustees to bring the community’s wishes to fruition. "Skiing on Wyvis", not something that anyone has put forward as an idea for development so far Rita - why not pop that up in the Ideas Section with some information on the benefits etc. Thanks again Rita, great to hear from you. Community Engagement and Development Officer

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