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How much is your LPG costing you?

Post in Community Energy by Phil Moore
The Garve & District Energy Group have engaged with an Energy broker (LPG-save.co.uk) and secured what we think is a brilliant offer for LPG users in our community.

Two people in the community have already switched, have halved their annual LPG costs!

Anyone with a bulk LPG (surface or underground) tank who is not under contract with their current supplier (or who’s contract ends within the next 3 months) can currently secure a new 24 month deal at a fixed price (for the full term of that contract) of 33p/Ltr and a standing tank charge of 16.4p/day (both net of VAT at 5%).

If you’re under contract and can’t switch within the next 3 months, don’t worry!

LPG-save will let us know every 3 months if the price needs to change (up or down) and we will publish that new deal which will then be available to anybody switching within our community over the following 3 months.

It doesn’t matter how much gas you use or how big your tank is - the deal we’ve agreed (and will updated with LPG-save every 3 months), is common to and exclusively for every bulk tank LPG user within the Garve and District postal code area, and your price will be fixed for 24 months following your switch.

So, if you are currently paying more, are not under contract, or at any time within 3 months of your current contract ending, you can contact LPG-save to secure this or the fixed price deals we’ll subsequently publish on their behalf every quarter.

Because these deals are specific to and exclusively for our community, it’s important that when you contact LPG- save, you have the following information available:

  • Your Contact Details (email address and telephone number);
  • Your current LPG Provider (Including your Customer number)
  • Your contract Expiry date
  • Usage details (estimated Litres/Spend per year)
  • Price paid per litre /price per day (Standing Charge) if known

There are 3 ways you can apply:

  1. If applying online (using www.lpg-save.co.uk ), you should use the ‘Please provide any additional information relevant to your enquiry’ box within the ‘Get a quote’ application process to state: “I am a Garve and District Community Energy applicant – My Postcode is:”
  2. State this clearly if calling by phone (0800 043 6100) and
  3. If contacting LPG-Save by email (at switch@lpg-save.co.uk ), include ‘GDCE’ and your postcode in the Subject line of your email.

LPG-save will not share details about you, your household or your switch with the Energy Group, but they will tell us how many switches have been made and how much money the community has saved.

Of course, if you’re so happy with this and you’d like to tell us, or if you have any questions, we’d love to get your comments/feedback or hear from you directly at gdcommunityenergy@gmail.com

Good luck!

Garve and District Community Energy Group

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John Bedwell said:

This is a brilliant deal - 22p per litre below the national average charged by LPG suppliers last year (based on UK Gov. figures!)

If you know anybody in the community who uses 'bulk' LPG (has a tank) but may not have seen these postings, please let them know.

Added to the Oil buying club and the annual Energy Grant, this is making a real difference to our Community.

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Mike Franklin said:

I have contacted them and received this offer "33p per litre + Fixed for 24 Months + £40 M&S Gift Card." Which is absolutely fantastic. However one word of advice, be quite firm with them, not all their staff are aware of the deal. The person I spoke with didn't know about it but said they would check with their supervisor and then came back with the quote shown above.

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