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Louise Urquhart has put an idea forward about community bicycles being available - what do you think?

Traditional/Ebikes available to the community

Louise said

Could the windfarm offer grants to members of our community to buy bicycles?  Or have a community bicycle hire located at the hall?
Bicycles can be great for keeping us healthy, active and for mental health..  electric bicycles could also benefit those less able to use conventional bicycles.

Tina, Community Engagement and Development Officer said 

The Garve & District Developent Company have a big agenda around the provision of community transport, provision of walking/cycle paths and this idea certainly fits with the Community Development Plan.

Look forward to hearing the community's views and those of Garve Public Hall, Achnasheen Village Hall and LCT.

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Rita Bishop said:

Would have to be a grant towards buying a bike as many of us too far out to reach Garve, really good idea though.

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Mark Dale said:

Grants would be a great help for the ebikes as they are prohibitively expensive for a decent model. We could also work with the forestry to improve the trails from Garve-Inchbae- Strathrannoch and Garve-Tor Achilty/ Starthpeffer. These routes are safe from traffic and quite a thrill in places. Visitors and locals would enjoy cyling these routes. We could use Garve as the hire point for bikes if we choose to go that way, although this would mean someone local would be responsible  for the hire/return.

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John Bedwell said:

Spot on Mark - the use of forest tracks form Strathpeffer to Inchbae would limit the need for cyclists to risk themselves and others on the often fast, and in places, narrow and twisting 'trunk roads' that run through our community.

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Pamela Morrison said:

I was interested to see 'trunk roads'  in quotation marks, John. Was this an  acknowledgement  of the fact that the A835  is a trunk road  but  the A 832 is not. It is cared for by Highland Council. I discovered that is not widely known at various meetings ( eg. Biosphere, Active Outdoors, Transerve etc.) when  it was mentioned. It affects many, if not all, ideas and decisions  regarding  our environment. 


Mark Dale said:

Hi Tina, 

I think multiple pick up points is probably the ideal solution. Garve could be the pilot and if successful, expand to the extremes of the parish. I am willing to take on the Home Energy Scotland electric bike for community trials again once the pandemic is over.

Ewan Bush said:

Hi All,

Just to say a new funding round is available from the Energy Savings Trust. Transport Scotland has committed a further £900,000 towards the eBike Grant Fund in 2020/2021. Round four is available to assist local authorities, public sector agencies, further and higher education institutions, active travel hubs and community groups to adopt ebikes as a sustainable alternative to car journeys. The fund can be used to cover the cost of ebikes, etrikes, ecargo bikes, cargo bikes and trailers, tandems, adaptive bikes and trikes.

Happy to take this further with the Energy Group at our next meeting.

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John Bedwell said:

Picking up Pamela's earlier post, the A835 (a Trunk Road) and the A832 (a main but not a 'trunk road') are the only roads that pass through and would connect our/any 'cycle pick-up points' in our community.  They are all strategic, fast and potentially dangerous for cyclists (and other road users) and promoting their use in the absense of proper cycle tracks would worry me!  But as previously noted, there are forest tracks (and small sections of the 'old road') that effectively run form Strathpeffer to inchbae and with Government (and perhaps Highland and 'Local') investment, could provide a safe, navicable and beautiful route through a large chunk of our community.  Perhaps we should be lobbying for and supporting the establishment of proper cycle ways off the A835 (and the A832 Pam) before facilitating / encouraging people to risk their lives on 'our' bikes on these roads?

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