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Post in Community Energy by Ewan Bush
Transport consultant Derek Halden is interested to hear your views regarding local transport. A joint Contin, Strathpeffer, Marybank and Garve public consultation.

In addition to meetings in Contin and Strathpeffer, an open air meeting will be held at the Garve Hotel carpark garden to rear of Garve Public Hall on Wednesday, 22nd July at 11am. We will be working within Scottish Government Covid19 guidlines and as such numbers will be limited at any one time in the Gazebo area and social distancing rules apply. 

Your thoughts regarding future community transport services in G&D, are important to us and we would like to see how we can improve community transport in the region as a whole moving forward. 

Please find a link below to the online survey being carried out by Derek Halden which we encourage you to complete.

Community Transport Survey


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Martin Sadowski said:

Hi I'm wondering if this includes bus or taxi or dial a bus as ok getting to garve but nothing from garve to inchbae and surrounding areas 

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Ewan Bush said:

HI Martin,

Thank you for your interest and sorry for the delay in responding. In the first instance this is a Contin inititative to replace the bus service that was lost last winter with a view to extend it's reach to Garve a couple of days per week. In the event the demand grows the service may be able to be increased. G&D are looking at other options such as a community taxi service as this could be a more viable for residents in more remote areas of Garve and District. More info on this to follow. 

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