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Great news registration for the site is increasing - thank you! We still need your help to get the whole community talking.


Welcome to the additional 21 people who have signed up since our last post.  Can you imagine what it would be like to have the whole community talking on here?  


Garve & District on-line community hub is the place to post ideas, vote and make comments.  We really need you to drive forward what is going to happen in Garve & District and this is one easy way to do it.  We have some ideas but we really need you to tell us what you want.

Hands Together

Do you have an idea about something new for the community, something that needs changing in the community - new activities, new places to hang out?  Do you want to start a project but need some help, just give us a shout and we will see what we can do to move your project forward.

Together we can make a difference, tell your family, friends and neighbours to join us - spread the word.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Questions & Comments

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John Bedwell said:

Can I suggest that the GDDC contact every ‘Group’ within the community, (there’s quite a few!) requesting that:

a). They provide contact details and a brief outline of their groups work and purpose (for inclusion on this G&D website/hub)

b). That all ‘Officers’ of that group are (or sign up as) ‘Members’ of the GDDC

c)  They promote Membership of the GDDC (and this site) at all meetings with members of their Group. 

It’s got to be in their interest and if we really have ‘a Community’, it’s not a big ask!

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John Bedwell said:

Me again! I should have acknowledged that ‘Phase 2’ of this hubs development includes proposals to link to other groups - a great idea. But my ‘suggestion’ above might still help in the interim?

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Lucy Beattie said:

Hi John

Yes its a good suggestion. Some lists we cannot access now due to more stringent GDPR requirements, but it will be sent round. There will also be a few more open days/evenings to launch the site and also give how-to sessions for folks who are not so confident with using the web.

Any contacts you can share and are happy to share please do pass on via lucy.beattie@garve.org


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