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What would you like to see happen in Garve and District? (Update 3)

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You choose, complete either the paper survey, the fillable pdf document or the on-line form. Have YOUR say make YOUR voice heard!

Important for the future of Garve & District

You, your family, and your business are entering an important phase of community development. A phase where your feedback could influence future planning applications for Garve and District and will form part of The Highland Council’s Local Development Plan. The Local Development Plan is The Highland Council’s vision of how land can be used by developers over the next 10 years. So therefore, make your voice heard and tell them now what you want to see happening with land and buildings in your area. 

Some of your ongoing priorities moving forward are specifically related to land use:-

  • The GDCORe (the community’s land asset formerly belonging to Garve Hotel).
  • The Garve & District War Memorial and purchase of land to support long term, all ability access.
  • New or enhanced paths in support of active travel.
  • Potential new community renewable energy projects where the community may wish to purchase, manage, generate, or reduce energy consumption.

This coming week, a community survey will arrive through your letterbox. Its important you get every member of your household aged 16 and over to complete it, also if you run a business do complete the survey – use extra pages if necessary. On completion just pop it in Garve Public Hall’s letter box (our registered office) and Company staff will collate all information received.

See the attached letter which provides tips on completing the survey, but if you have any questions, please let me know.

ONLY COMPLETE THE SURVEY ONCE for each household/business member choosing one of the following options: -

  1. Complete the paper survey.
  2. Complete the digital survey – link below.
  3. Complete the fillable pdf attached and email this back to me using the CONTACT FORM 

On Saturday, 22 June 2024, 10 am to 5pm we will be having a full day’s drop-in event at Garve Public Hall. You will be able to chat with Company, Lochluichart Community Trust and Community Council representatives who will be there to support you. You will be able to look at maps, we will give you prompts on things you may wish to comment on, you will be able to chat to Company Project Officers about activities and events and the new community transport project; you will be able to have your say about how the 3 organisations that support you can do better, we will have a kids’ corner and we will have refreshments too.

Please do make your voice heard and have your say and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday, 22 June 2024 at Garve Public Hall.

The Garve & District Local Place Plan is facilitated and prepared by The Garve & District Development Company with support from the Garve and District Community Council.

tina hartley

Tina Hartley - Community Engagement & Development Officer

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