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A New Local Place Plan for Garve & District (Update 1)

Post in Community Engagement by Tina Hartley
It is important that Garve and District residents have a say in how they want to see the area in which they live, learn, work and socialise, developed.

 It's your community make your voices heard!

A Local Place Plan is a community-led document that aims to easily convey a community’s proposals for the development or use of land and buildings in their local area.  (The Highland Council 2024)

The Garve and District Local Place Plan will represent a collaborative effort to envision and shape the future of our community. As we embark on this journey, we will recognise the unique character, heritage, and natural beauty that define our area.

The Local Place Plan is more than just a blueprint; it’s a commitment to sustainable development, community well-being, and shared prosperity. Through thoughtful planning, active engagement, and a deep understanding of local needs, we aim to create a place where residents thrive, visitors feel welcome, and the environment flourishes.  The plan will identify aspirations, goals, and practical strategies that reflect our collective vision. Whether it’s enhancing public spaces, promoting economic diversification, or preserving our cultural heritage, every action outlined will contributes to a stronger, more resilient Garve and District.

Together, we can build a place that honours our past, embraces our present, and paves the way for generations to come.

Focus will be on identifying what future developments are important for your own area and of course you will have the opportunity to comment on Garve and District as a whole.

  • Achnasheen & Achanalt (includes Ledgowan and Lochrosque)
  • Lochluichart & Corriemoillie (includes Grudie & Fannich)
  • Gorstan, Little Garve and Strathgarve
  • Garve
  • Silver Bridge, Achnaclerach & Garbat
  • Inchbae, Aultguish, Blackbridge & Strathvaich

The Garve & District Local Place Plan is facilitated and prepared by The Garve & District Development Company with support from the Garve and District Community Council.


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As we begin to listen and record your views, you will see more and more information appear in a dedicated area of LOCAL PLACE PLAN 2024 - 2029

You can find this in QUICK LINKS, the grey box at the top right of home page.

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Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you all soon.

Community Engagement & Development Officer

Questions & Comments

Here's what others said...


Pamela Morrison said:

Are all Highland Councils  areas subject to these  Plans, please? Also  I am testing  my  password set up  which seems  to have changed! Let me know if it worked.......

Tina Hartley said:

Good Morning Pam

All Community Council boundaries can, if they so wish, submit a Local Place Plan.  Our Local Place Plan will replace our Community Development Plan 2019 - 2024 which is now complete.  It will therefore lead development within the community over the next 5 years and guide spending for LCT and external funders.

Not sure about your password Pam, any issues let me know.


Pamela Morrison said:

Kenny remarked that there had been no feedback from the Trafic Calming Group. I wonder if people have found it difficult to follow the new signing in requirements? Anyway I have been reading all that has been recorded and apart from knowing that certain things are being considered and recommended we must be patient and watch out for consultation  opportunities?


Heather Donaldson said:

Thanks for your feedback Pam, much appreciated.

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