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Bike Racks across the District

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Looking to see if there is a need for bike racks across the District & if so, where?

Would Bike Racks be useful?


The On Ya Bike group is looking at various ways to help cyclists in the area. The main aim is to get a an all access path from Garve to Contin and to purchase Ebikes for community use. These are big projects which are getting worked on, but also looking at what other options to help cyclists across Garve & District area.

The group are looking at funding for a bike shed, but also bike racks. Bike racks have been mentioned at meetings previously, so looking to see opinions on whether there is a need and if so where?

Please also come and visit the On Ya Bike stall at the Summer events. Next one 28th August at Strathgarve.

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Pamela Morrison said:

What  form would security arrangements  take for the bike racks and shed? Would it be feasible to leave push bikes somewhere safe?

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Mark Dale said:

Hi Pamela, On Ya Bike group are looking at a lock up community shed for community bikes. We are also looking at parking stands for bikes at various locations. The final locations will be decided by concensus.


Mark Dale said:

Hi Martin, On Ya Bike group are looking at various locations for the bike stands. The final locations will be agreed with the community.

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