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We need your assistance! Do you have a Home Energy Report? If so, please send it to Ewan Bush, Energy Officer. Do you need a Home Energy Report, then get in touch.

During the current lockdown we remain committed to improving the energy efficiency of your homes for the benefit of the community as a whole

As your Community Energy Officer, I am currently working in collaboration with Home Energy Scotland to encourage local households to contact me regarding existing and new Home Energy Reports carried out in the area.

Have you had a Home Energy Improvement Report carried out for your home in recent Years?  If so, you may be eligible for an interest free loan or grant to improve the energy efficiency of your home and or replace and upgrade your heating system with a new energy saving system.  Combining an interest free loan from Home Energy Scotland with the Government RHI scheme, between 40 and 100% of the installation costs may be covered for renewable heating systems such as heat pumps and pellet boilers.

If you haven’t had a survey carried out in the past we would also like to help you plan ahead, post Covid 19 restrictions, to see how we can help you save on your energy bills and improve your home.

Please do contact me by phone - Mobile: 07714333288, or make general contact HERE




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Pamela Morrison said:

H hello Ewan,  I have an Energy report from a couple of years back ( courtesy of Jamie?)  and I would be happy for you to see it but it is very heavy . I would be reluctant to post it for that reason. I live in Achanalt and rely on our delivery  postal service at the moment. They are a great help with so many birthdays to deal with!

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Ewan Bush said:

Hi Pamela, are you able to send me an email via the contact button above ? Alternaitively please call me on mobile number above so that we can discuss options. If the email button isn’t working I shall see about getting it working ASAP. Also If you are able to email Jamie and give him authorisation to forward the report that would be great. Please do call me meanwhile. Cheers, Ewan

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