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A local aircraft enthusiast has offered to provide foam board aircraft kits for people of all ages in the district to build and enjoy. The kits can be adapted to suit all ages.

Fancy Making a Foamboard Aircraft?

Andrew has offered to order and cut foamboard to create a kit to make these model aircraft or a chuck glider for young children. The materials will be funded by LCT through the Activate Garve & District project.


Get in touch or comment below. Who knows, if we get a few folk interested, maybe we could have an airshow at the end of all this with the ceilidh tune "Achnasheen Airport" in the background! Sounds fun!

We can send you further details, images of the aircraft designs and arrange for these kits to be delivered to your doorstep.

Read on to learn more about the technical side of building these aircraft from Andrew.

There are 3 designs created by an organisation called Flite Test  The free plans for these models are provided on a not for profit basis and have great support videos.

Although they are designed to be flown with an electric motor and controlled by a digital radio (RC equipment), this can be added later if you wish. They can be painted, or you can download and print ‘skins’ that will cover the plane in a particular design. I can cut and provide the foamboard and cards parts required (5mm thick foam sandwiched between two sides of light paper or card)  These will be static models at this point! To build these kits you will need either a sharp knife (parental supervision may be required), or the knife can be avoided in most cases by using sandpaper on a small wooden batten. You may also need to raid the wardrobe for a bit of coat-hanger material or similar for some of the undercarriage parts!  You will need to glue the foamboard together. You can use PVA wood glue which takes a little while to stick and may need elastic bands to hold in place or a hot glue gun would be ideal. as sticks much quicker, although care is required as hot!). 

Suggested Builds:

I have chosen the following three kits as they are aimed more at the beginner. If you take a closer look at the flitetest site, you will find that there are literally hundreds to choose from and many more complex builds that can be undertaken at a later date, but as with all things, it’s a case of start and build your skills up as you go!

I hope you will find these of interest!

I suggest that you take a look at the build videos to gain an understanding and jump in form there!

If you later decide that this is your thing, and want to build with an intent to fly, I can help with advice and guidance later on (when we are out of this Covid lockdown period)

I will happily assist anyone who is struggling over the phone or via online video call if necessary!


FT Mighty Mini Scout [Basic Level Build]

This one has a single sheet wing, folded to provide an appropriate profile. The build video for this plane is found here:

FT Mighty Mini Mustang [Intermediate Build Skills]

This kit progresses to a fold-over wing and is a little more complex to glue together. The build video for this plane is found here:

FT Commuter (Cessna 150) [Intermediate Build with more folding required]

This model is a little more complex in shape, as the nose if formed of multiple bends and folds. The build video for this plane can be found here:

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Morven MacDonald said:

I agree Blair. We really appreciate having folk like Andrew in the community. 

The kits are great for adults and kids. Nice thing to do together or apart. Perhaps we could hang them all up in the hall at our next ceilidh when this has all passed. 

Who would like a kit? 

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Marc Harris said:

Great Idea Andrew, making models is something I grew up doing and enjoy, I haven't made any in quite a while though!. I have made a couple of RC planes and boats over the years and have a 52" spitfire hanging in my man cave/shed. love the idea of an airshow, if you get the youngsters busy building them. It would be good to get the local people together,have some food & drink and watch the show! (when we are allowed out again)

 If I can help let me know, Marc.

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Andrew Biddlecombe said:

Hi Marc,

I'm sure we will all benefit from your experiences too, thanks for your support!

Will be great to see what the end results are here! I'm getting excited already about the prospect of a beauty parade here!!

I think we should ask Morven to judge the end results. What do you think?

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