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Highland Council Update

Post in Community Care by Lucy Beattie
We are sharing the latest Highland Council update via Councillor Ian Cockburn regarding frontline council services, new telephone helpline and small business grants affected by COVID19.

Staying at home, essential trips only, essential services only

The UK and Scottish Governments have implemented immediate measures to restrict social interaction and delay the spread of the Coronavirus. Emergency legislation gives the government wide-ranging powers unlike any other recent legislation. It is essential that we all comply with these instructions, as these measures will slow down the pressure on hospital services and will save lives. This video explains how this works and how you could save thousands of lives by complying with these measures.

The Council has to reprioritise everything they do to ensure our focus is on essential, critical services which support the protection of life and their duties under the Civil Contingencies Act.  Includes risk assessing every frontline service and changing things we do e.g. waste collections. 


Highland Council have a free helpline Mon - Fri 8am to 6pm if you can offer help, or need help.

0300 303 1362

COVID19 Small Business Grant

There are two levels of grants available to small businesses affected by COVID19 for those who pay non-domestic rates and those who are eleigible for the small business bonus relief scheme. Certain sectors are supported and may include eligible cafes, guest houses etc. Please check full scheme guidance for eligibility.  Please note this offer is time limited and applications must be received by 31st March 2020.