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Some Happy News!

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Lockdown has been tough on everybody, especially young people. So we decided to send out some fun filled newspapers with a personal message to each young person in the community.

Please encourage young people to reply

We have included some easy to complete forms with a stamped addressed envelope for easy return. The data will be essential for arranging, age suitable activities, resources and support for young people.

Young People's Ideas Needed

The forms simply ask for ideas and suggestions from the younger members of the community, as wacky as they wish! 

Junior Membership Form - Age 12-16

There is also a form for junior membership which helps those aged 12 and over have more access to current events in Garve & District, feel more involved and pass on their important views that will have a direct impact on how funds are used for their age group. It is also a great way to show support and interest in The Garve & District Development Company and the community.

Here is a link to complete the junior membership form online:

Register to be a Junior Member 

It has been challenging to gather the names and contact details of all the young people aged 16 and under in the district. I apologise if we have made any spelling errors. Please do let us know so we can correct our records or if anyone does not receive their Happy News.

Zoe and I really hope the Happy News and personal message to each young person will make them smile. We are already working on another idea we have for young people! Please do encourage and help with returning ideas and membership forms to us. We want to create activities that will be of best value to the young members of the community.

Happy reading!

Zoe and Morven

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