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Idea: Public Meeting about Garve Village Hall

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Time to Vote! Would the community welcome a public meeting to discuss how Garve Village Hall could be improved, get people's views on the subject?

I would like to put forward my idea to have a meeting at the hall for everyone to come along and vote for the hall to be renovated/refurbished.  We need your vote.


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Blair Millen said:

I think an actual community discussion in person about what to do with the hall is the next logical step, so I am voting yes to this idea.

Between everyone I've spoken to so far there's been a wide range of opinion on whether to refurbish the existing hall or look at developing purpose-built solution that meets the whole community's needs.

Personally I'm for a purpose-built hall incorporating:

  • at least two multi-use rooms (for classes/meetings/events etc.)
  • cafe/bar/restaurant (open to public as well as catering for events)
  • community garden in the grounds
  • plenty of car parking (including spaces for buses)
  • potentially a "Men's Shed" attached

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John Forteith said:

I would agree with Blair. The question to me implies a ‘lick of paint’. It could be a great opportunity to address so much more if planned thoroughly. As Blairs’ examples illustrate.  So I’m with Blair, and would vote ‘yes’ on that basis.

Exciting times for Garve

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Jean Bailey said:

I think it is a good idea to have a meeting to hear what the Community would like from a new or refurbished hall, and hopefully some of the Garve Hall Trustees could attend, to let the Community hear of their vision of the hall in the future. 

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Ed Tarr said:

No ifs and buts --- let's have a Ladies Shed! We've been thinking of an Arts & Crafts shed but lets have a Ladie's Shed too on the list of Community Needs

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Pamela Morrison said:

Definitely a good idea to have a meeting to debate the  ideas put forward with  regard to the village hall . Perhaps personal invitations to nearby residents should be considered?  Also circular arrangement of chairs at  meetings has encouraged a fair exchange of  views in the past -  just a reminder ! 

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