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Our FREE Bulb Offer is now open. Each residential household within the Garve & District area can request 14 UNITS worth of bulbs.

You can request 14 UNITS worth of bulbs, where

1 GU10 type bulb = 1 unit

1 Bayonet bulb (Large or small) = 2 units

1 Screw fitting (Large or small) = 2 units

You can request different types of bulb to make up a total of 14 units.

For example, you might like 4 x GU10 (4 units) plus 5 x Large Bayonet (10 units) = 14 units.

Our application form gives more information about bulb types.  Download your form here - FREE LIGHT BULB OFFER

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Blair Millen said:

Is there an online solution for ordering bulbs? John and Sue were talking about using Survey Monkey for collecting details?

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Sue Tarr said:

Hi Blair,

We did hope to have this option but we had some "technical problems" and have suspended it for now - however in the future we would certainly like to have more online access.

In the meantime, folk can either email the completed form back to us or print it out and post back via the instructions on the form - or they can request assistance by contacting us at 

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