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Post in Community by Uisdean Menzies
Garve Public Hall is now closed due to electrical problems, Hall Trustees made this difficult decision on Monday.

Emergency Work Required

Hall Trustees, would like to inform the Garve and District community that sadly the hall is closed for the foreseeable future due to problems with electrical installation.  Trustees met on Monday, 8 April 2019, to consider a recent Electrical Installation Condition Report and it was felt that due to the number of concerns in the report and to ensure public safety, the hall should be closed and bookings cancelled.
However, Hall Trustees have asked for the support of The Garve & District Development Company to put together a funding application to LCT to allow remedial work to be completed as soon as possible to get the hall up and running again.
Community Engagement and Development Officers and Hall Trustees have worked hard to draft an application that is ready for submission and have requested that LCT consider this before the end of April if possible.
We will keep you informed of progress and Hall Trustees would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank the community for their support.

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Marion Taylor said:

Unfortunate that the local hall has had to close, thankfully we have a development group who can use their expertise to get things moving quickly with the required funding from LCT.  The public hall is the core for social meetings etc and I sincerely hope this closure is short lived.

This closure must be disappointing to the Hall Trustees who voluntary gave their time to keep the hall funtioning for the public.

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Uisdean Menzies said:

  Thanks Marion, yes the Development Company submitted a full application early this week so hopefully we will be up and running soon! We are still taking bookings, just had the Community Ceilidh booked for August. 

Kind regards 


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Tina Hartley said:

Thanks for your comment Marion, as Uisdean says TGDDC in partnership with Hall Trustees, put an application in to LCT within a few days of the announced closure and asked it it could be given emergency consideration.  Fingers crossed!

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Sue Tarr said:

Folk must be wondering if there is any news on securing the funding from LCT yet to do remedial work in the hall so it can be opened to the community again as soon as is possible.

We are hoping top hear very soon.

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