Farewell to Steve Jones

Post in Company by Ed Tarr
On 9 April 2019, Steve Jones attended his last Board Meeting with TGDDC and received a fond farewell from the directors and staff who were present.

I, as Chair, led a vote of thanks to recognise Steve's valuable contribution to the work of the Development Company since its start.

The election of Directors at the first AGM resulted in 4 Directors elected which happened to be the number for a quorum. It was soon clear that Steve was the only one who could take us through the paperwork for getting the new company registered and set up and he was elected Secretary. We were very fortunate that we could use his considerable knowledge of corporate structure to get through all the preliminaries and get fired up into a working unit. Without Steve I am sure the Company would not have to be a working unit so quickly and efficiently. After we got our board up to strength (in two stages), Steve played a leading role in setting up the appointment of our joint CEDOs and a Company Secretary - another epic milestone. His work in organising funding requests was also considerable. All in all I am comfortable in saying we all owe Steve a hearty Vote of Thanks and am sure you would like to show your appreciation in the usual way."

We wish you all the very best for the future Steve, and hope to see you involved in future community projects.

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