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Join us this Thursday for Home Energy Efficiency Zoom Meeting 2 (Renewable Heating Systems)

Post in Community Energy by Ewan Bush
Have you considered installing a renewable heating system in your home? Please do come along to the second of two G&D community zoom meetings to learn more about what's on offer.

Community Zoom Meeting 2  (Renewable Heating Systems) where we shall explore the latest technology and how it may be used to heat your home.

Host & Facilitators: Ewan Bush (G&D Energy Officer) and Tina Hartley (G&D Development Officer)

Guest speakers and Discussion Topics

  • Jamie Noble (Home Energy Scotland): Home Surveys, Government Grants and Loans.
  • Kayt Howell & Gordon Cowtan, Fintry Trust: Learning from Other Communities.
  • Jason Leon (Onsite Generation): Heat pumps, Solar Pv and Battery Storage.
  • Mark Dale (G&D resident) speaks about his experience having an Air Source Heat Pump installed.
  • Ewan Bush: An introduction to pellet boiler stoves.

Contact Ewan Bush via the button below to request a link to join the meeting.   Feel free to ask questions or just listen with or without your camera on if you prefer. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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Sue Tarr said:

This was really interesting to hear the most recent developments on home heating, and the pros and cons involved. It is not a one size fits all approach and depending on circumstances different technologies are reccommended. Our Energy Officer and his contacts have a lot of information to find your way through the maze! The two webinars are worth a watch, you can see local examples of work done which is very helpful.

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