National Consultation on the Future Management of Flood Risk in Scotland

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The Highland Council are encouraging individuals and community groups to get involved and take part in a national consultation on how flood risk management will be carried out over the next six years.

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Given parts of Garve are identified in the flood risk zone - you make wish to take part in this consultation.
The second National Consultation on the Future Management of Flood Risk in Scotland began on the Friday 30 July 2021.  For a period of 3 months, until the Sunday 31 October 2021, the draft ‘Flood Risk Management Plan’ and ‘Local Flood Risk Management Plan’ for the Highland and Argyll Local Plan District will be available to view and comment on.  More details at : -

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Helen Forteith said:

The insurance for commercial properties is extortionist but if you don’t get it and there was a flood so much more expensive ,does garve really have a risk or is the river quite under control from dam

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Phil Moore said:


You can use the SEPA website to look at the flood maps;;FloodMapsBasic_5265_0;FloodMapsBasic_5265_1;FloodMapsBasic_5265_2;FloodMapsBasic_5265_3;FloodMapsBasic_5265_5;FloodMapsBasic_5265_6;FloodMapsBasic_5265_7;FloodMapsBasic_5265_9;FloodMapsBasic_5265_10;FloodMapsBasic_5265_11&marker=235917;863589;27700;;;Search%20location&scale=16000

In case the first link doesn't work, try this

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