Wood and wood chippings

Free to G&D Residents Only!

Post in Community Ownership by Tina Hartley
Following some necessary tree work on community land, we have some wood chippings and wood that are available to any resident of the Garve & District community.

Delivery Available

Two community volunteers have come forward and offered to deliver wood to anyone in G&D who does not have the means to collect wood themselves.  If you would like wood but are unable to collect it then just give us a shout - email Tina using the CONTACT FORM.
Wood chippings are still available, you will need to bring your own containers - again just email us to make arrangements for collection.

Questions & Comments

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Helen MacLean said:

Hi, I haven't seen them, but I was just wondering if there are any logs which might be suitable for the school playground? For seats or stepping stone poles etc. 



Sue Tarr said:

Hi Helen, Yes I think there are definitely possibilities. We have earmarked some timber for using in that way around the community so would be delighted for the school to be included. We will be in touch!


Helen MacLean said:

Wonderful, thanks Sue! 

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