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Results of community consultation are in!

Post in Community Ownership by Tina Hartley
Alan Jones Associates gave presentations at two community consultation events - Achnasheen Village Hall and Garve Public Hall on Wednesday, 25 September 2019.

Garve & District Community Hub Consultation Events

For those who were unable to attend the events, both the minutes and presentation are available for viewing below:-
Minutes of Consultation Event, 25 September 2019
Presentation, 25 September 2019
105 surveys were returned providing a return rate of 41%, one of the highest return rates from the community to date.
63% wished to see the redevelopment and expansion of Garve Public Hall
25% wished to see a new build community hall.
12% wished to see neither option.
Alan Jones Associates will now develop a business case to support the redevelopment and expansion of Garve Public Hall and present this to their client The Garve & District Development Company as part of the full Feasibility Study commissioned.
The final Feasibility Study will be shared with Garve Public Hall Trustees as soon as available and posted to the community's on-line hub when complete.
Once the Feasibility Study has been finalised, Garve Public Hall Trustees will then be in a position to consider the business case fully and move forward given the community's views regarding this community asset. The Garve & District Development Company will fully support Hall Trustee's as part of the process.

Watch this space - a new look village hall is on the agenda!

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