Would you like to have a day cycling with others?

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A day to meet up and go for a cycle ride.

Plans for a cycle ride on Saturday 11th September

Would you like to have a cycle from Garve to Contin and back with a good coffee stop and blether.
A chance to try the existing path and show how the On Ya Bike group are looking into funding to improve the route for use by all.
Meet up with others and have a nice day out. All abilities and ages welcome.
If enough interest this will go ahead.
Please comment or email if interested.

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Pamela Morrison said:

Yes, I would love to cycle  from Garve to as far as I could manage. Would I have to take my own bike to Garve?

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Yvonne Boa said:

Hi Pamela,

Great! Yes if you could use your own bike for this one. We are hoping to get funding to purchase some Ebikes for residents to use in the near future. 

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George (Postie) said:

I would be keen to come depending on what time you leave garve.

One thing I would say is that route is quite rough in places. Probably more suited to mountain/off road bikes.

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Pamela Morrison said:

Useful information, George. Thanks. It would be  marvellous if we could eventually have somewhere in Garve to leave our bikes and so cut out the need to use the main roads.

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