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Post in The Garve & District Development Company by Blair Millen
We've been busy on the website recently adding new features for members, local groups and businesses

You may have noticed already that we've updated our website? We hope you like what you see. We've redesigned the front page and added a bunch of goodies for everyone in the community. Here's a summary:

New front page

To showcase the various new additions to the site, we've updated the front page. We've added a "Quick Links" box to help you find what you need easily. To support this, we've added a search box that sifts through pages, news posts, events and comments. And we've also expanded the "Menu" to cover all the new sections.

To keep your visit to the site quick and efficient, we've added recent news and comments (which you can click, drag or swipe your way through) to keep tabs on community happenings.

Events calendar

We've added an events calendar to highlight all the exciting things going on in the area. And if you subscribe to our newsletter, you'll see all new events as they are added.

BONUS: if you add your local group to the site (see below), your events will appear in the calendar too.

Member groups

Time to get social, have fun and get things done... set up a group!

We're really keen to promote and support local member groups through the Garve & District website. What constitutes a "local member group" you may ask? A group could be an existing concern, like the community energy group, or it could be a brand new enterprise. If your group helps to bring everyone together or benefits the community in some way, then this is for you.

Set up a member group and get these benefits:

  • your own dedicated page on the Garve & District website
  • info about your group (what, where why etc.)
  • add news, events, a gallery of images and downloads
  • facility to send all your individual group members an email

Business listings

If you run a local business or are perhaps looking for a service provider who works in the area, then the new business listings could be the answer to all your questions.

Any business who can provide their services to the residents of Garve & District can advertise on the website. We'd like to encourage all businesses, including those who may operate outside the Garve & District area, to add their business details to the site. A business listing lasts for one year and costs £60.

BONUS: if you are an "Ordinary" member of the The Garve & District Development Company (i.e. you live in the area), then you qualify for a 50% discount, meaning an annual listing costs just £30!

Let us know what you think

If you have comments or feedback about the updates, let us know in the comments below.

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Pamela Morrison said:

There seem to be notices on  Facebook ( which many of us do not use ) which are not on our own pages .Also the date of YEAR is not always given. It is very easy to be reading last year's notices and not realising straight away.

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Blair Millen said:

Thanks for the feedback Pam. Content is visually dated when it is time-sensitive, like news items and events. Other content and pages on the site will not have a date. Would a "last-updated" notice help?

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