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VEGETABLE FERMENTATION WORKSHOP run by Gut Feelings where you can learn two different styles of fermenting vegetables.

One of our Garve and District residents suggested this workshop therefore we have approached Gut Feelings about hosting the event for us. It's a fabulous workshop to learn all about Kombucha and preserving your seasonal foods.

The Vegetable Fermentation course will run for 2 hours and you will learn classic sauerkraut and fermenting in brine. Hannah Taylor from Gut Feelings who is Nutritional Therapist will also explain what is happening microbially to both humans and inside the jars.

All ingredients are provided, and participants will need to bring along; 2 jars with lids, a chopping board, a large sharp knife, a large bowl, and an apron.

What is Gut Feeling KOMBUCHA?

It is an effervescent fermented tea made with a passion for good quality ingredients. Kombucha has detoxification and probiotic qualities, making it a great addition to a healthy diet as it contributes to gut health. Carefully selected fruit and herbs are introduced for an enhanced nutritional profile in each flavour.

Gut feelings runs on a low-waste business model, achieved by setting up refill stations where bottles can be refilled as and when needed. A small bottle range is also available with new seasonal flavours.

If you would like to attend the Vegetable Fermentation Event on Saturday 27th July at 3pm Garve Public Hall, please hit the THUMBS UP icon down below.



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Questions & Comments

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Ellen Donnelly said:

Would love to attend this but it won't let me vote as I don't live in Garve. 


Fiona Baverstock said:

Hi Ellen 

Thank you for your interest and comment. Generally, we offer the spaces to the Garve & District residents first. I will be in touch closer to the date if we have availability.


Marcella Melis said:

This is brilliant! I cannot wait to attend! Thank you Fiona for organising it for us 

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