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Post in Business and Tourism by Tina Hartley
The Wester-ross UNESCO Biosphere have appointed new Destination Management Planning Officers and Katheleen Steventon, the Officer for our area will begin her new role very soon!

Quick Wins

New DMP Officers will be providing strategic feedback from Highland communities and businesses to design proactive and sustainable tourism planning across the entire region and working to the DMP priorities related to rural development, visitor education, sustainability, climate change and the health and well-being of the people, environment and economy of our UNESCO Biosphere.

Garve is recognised at the gateway to the Wester-ross UNESCO Biosphere so if Kathleen were to ask us what she could do to support the area as a "quick win" what would we suggest?  So, we are not talking about large scale projects i.e. provision extra toilets, extending carparks, filling pot holes, we want something quick.

So get your thinking caps on folks, a few things that come to mind:

  • New signs for each of our communities acknowledging the Biosphere status but giving Garve and District an identity also?
  • Drone footage of Garve and District that can be made into a promotional video.
  • High specification photos of our area for promotional use.
  • Community Notice Board in Garve recognising it as the Biosphere gateway.
  • Community planters that identify our communities (as per signs)

Please share any other quick win ideas you have in the comments below.

Questions & Comments

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John Bedwell said:

Notice boards in all public parking area with a 'you are here' map of the entire biosphere, and marked with all othe parking spots and point of interest, and with a link to where tourists can leave feedback on the public places and facilities they visit!?

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Steve Jones said:

Standard signage design for for Garve anad for other parts of the community.

This would link in with a priority in Achnasheen for new welcome signage that is necessary to replace existing ad boc signage to bring some consistency and streamlining, and also to reduce the speed of traffic on the approaches to the village.

The Achnahseen Coommunity will have decided what it wants to do about its signage withi the next couple of months. 

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