Do we need public toilets in Garve?

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Community members recently came together to discuss the issues of toilets, waste and signage in Garve & District.

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Following up on recent ideas posted: -
What can we do about this?
Is there a need for local loos?
A group of 6 members of our community came together to look at issues associated with lack of access to public toilets, made worse during the pandemic given some public toilets were closed.  Lots of ideas were discussed from festival type loos placed on available land in Garve Village to toilets at the Railway Station and the potential for Garve Public Hall to open their toilets (once refurbishment is complete) to the geneal public.  The group acknolwedged problems associated with the sewer system in Garve and more specifically related to Garve Public Hall.  The concensus of the group was that Garve Public Hall was the most feasible option.
Public and private toilets were mapped: -
Public: -

Contin Woods, Rogie Falls, Achnasheen, Silverbridge, Ullapool

Private: -

Tarvies, Garve Public Hall, Garve Hotel (if reopened),  Lochuichart Community Hall, Midge Bite Cafe, Ledgowan Lodge, Inchbae Lodge, Aultguish Inn, Contin New Hall - will not be open routinely.  The group appreciate these are not always open to the public, but again acknowledge if someone is desperate to use the facilities they will stop for a cuppa!

The group agreed that the community of Garve should now have a say with regard to the need for toilet facilities in the centre of Garve.

Please let us have your thoughts and comments below.



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Moragh Wylie said:

There is definitely a need for toilets there especially with the route500 being so popular

Rita Bishop said:

Inchbae lodge was routinely used as a public toilet even more so in winter months when everywhere else was shut and we were open all year round. It became a bit of an issue as people were not buying anything just coming in to use the toilet, meaning costs to the lodge in toilet paper, cleaning and energy costs - we are on a private water supply. I even appeared on live radio to discuss the lack of toilet facilities in the highlands and lack of council support to be open to act as a public toilet. The lack of support to provide services to the public who are not customers still apply.


Martin Sadowski said:

I personally think we need a set of toilets in garve as we have had several people saying the couldn't access toilets over the past two years 

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