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Take Flight Update

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What a great response with 16 model aircraft kits requested. Andrew has been busy printing, organising the kits and has begun delivering the aircraft kits.

Lets get this Off the Ground! (Oh dear I know..)

Thanks to everyone in Garve & District that has got in touch and offered to help. These offers are very welcome.

We Need your Help to Name the Group

Please give us your suggestions in the comments. G&D Flyers? Up and Away? Aircraft Amateurs? G&D Fledglings? I am sure you will all come up with something better. Please help me out here..
Once we have a name we will get our group up and running here on the hub with regular updates.

Send us your Photos

Please send us pictures of your progress so we can share them in your group! We would love to see them and if you wished, we could share them here on the hub. I am sure many residents would love to see them develop. Mini Scouts, Mini Mustangs and Commuters. How fantastic!
I am sure everyone will join me in thanking Andrew for providing most of the materials and his time.  Thanks to LCT for funding the hot glue guns to accompany the aircraft kits as part of the Activate Garve & District Project.
I am so looking forward to seeing these aircraft being created and come to life!

Questions & Comments

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Morven MacDonald said:

Over on fb we had suggestions of Fright or Flight!  The Hairy Flights!  Wyvis Wings Great suggestions! Thank you to everyone that commented and gave us a laugh along the way. Wyvis Wings it is.  Thanks for the suggestion Helen. Look out for details of the new group in the Groups and Clubs section, select Wyvis Wings, then click on follow group to follow their progress and get updates. It will be up and running later today.

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