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Community Grant Applications forms have been sent out to households in the Garve & District Community Council Boundary. Did you receive yours? Any queries?

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We are pleased to be receiving a great response with lots of applications arriving for the Supporting our Community Grant of £500 which has been funded by LCT. Thanks to LCT Directors for funding this grant.
If you haven't applied yet, been able to apply yet or are unsure if you qualify then read on.


One grant application is available per household within the Garve & District Community Council boundary where applicants are currently resident during the COVID-19 crisis.


If you qualify, please apply. It is there to help and support the Garve & District community during these difficult times.


Do you have any queries or need assistance applying? Get in touch or comment below.


We are currently waiting for the bank to process the funds to enable payments to begin. The speed of the banks processes have been impacted by the current situation, but we hope to get the money out to you soon. 


Thank you to all that have applied so far and for your kind words of encouragement. The Development Company, LCT and Garve & District Community are here to support you in any way they can.


Stay safe

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