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Post in Infrastructure by Tina Hartley
The Garve & District Development Company have taken forward a suggestion from a local resident that will hopefully reduce visitors turning into Little Garve to access Wyvis Natural Playpark.

Removal of Parking and Picnic Signs

The Development Company are pleased do say that Transport Scotland have agreed to remove signs at the Little Garve junction directing visitors to parking and picnic facilities.
As part of a community group looking at infrastructure problems in our area, Sharon Wright, founder of Wyvis Natural Playpark, had suggested that the removal of these local signs may alleviate some of the visitor pressure.  The Development Company have taken forward the work which has resulted in a positive outcome. Transport Scotland say: -

I have had a look at the various aspects of this – location, the group’s directions on social media, Forestry and Land Scotland’s (FLS) online directions, the standard of the signs and the various roads involved (online not physically unfortunately).

My view is that I agree with your position. The signs are not to current standard and contradict the published route causing problems for Little Garve residents. The FLS signage at the junction further north adequately cover the situation.

I will instruct BEAR Scotland our operating company to remove the signs.

Great news, let's hope this helps the residents of Little Garve.

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