Margaret Soraya

Any photographers out there?

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Margaret Soraya talking about photography and mindfulness.

Mindful photography in your backgarden

A lovely self-filmed video from Margaret Soraya who says ....  
My first entirely self filmed and edited Youtube video ( with a little help from my children) All about shooting in my back garden and apologies in advance for having such an incredible back garden....
A few tips and images shooting bluebells, grasses and the odd bumble bee.
Margaret and I are old friends and go way back, over the years we have inspired each other in terms of moving forward business ideas and I am so proud of all she has achieved, a truly inspirational photographer and speaker.
So, if Garve and District have any budding or otherwise photographers out there, and we have demand maybe we could ask her to speak - virtually for now but in person in the future!
Use the Contact Button at the bottom of the page to let me know if any of you would be interested in learning more.

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