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Are you interested in finding out more about Personal Assistant provision?

Post in Community Care by Tina Hartley
Personal Assistant - “someone who works directly with one or more individuals to help them with various aspects of their daily life”.

Join our Zoom event to learn more

As part of the 2020 Community Survey, a Personal Assistant Service, was a high priority for Garve and District. The Development Company is unable to directly provide such a service, however we are able to signpost interested residents to supportive organisations.

We are working in partnership with Carr Gomm and Personal Assistant Network Scotland who would be happy to host a Zoom Event to look at the role of Personal Assistants and in particular Self Directed Support:

 Self-Directed Support (SDS) is available to anyone in Scotland who has been assessed as eligible for social care support by their local Health and Social Care Partnership.” These organisations will also be aware of the current providers within our area.

If you are interested in joining the event use the CONTACT BUTTON , from the drop down menu choose Tina Hartley and just send over an email to be added to the growing list of participants. 

Look forward to hearing from you and working towards the completion of another community prority.

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