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Reminder!! In response to the community's request for a public meeting, you are welcome to join us for an open meeting at Garve Village Hall on Wednesday, 20 March 2019, at 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm.

We welcome your views

The Garve Village Hall Trustees would like to thank Murdo MacKenzie for the tremendous amount of time and effort he has put in as Chairman to Garve Village Hall over the last 20 years which, along with the work of trustee volunteers, means the hall is now financially sustainable.

Murdo was keen to get the community together to look at the hall's future and as the new Chairman and following a recent meeting with trustees, we now hope the community will join us on 20th March 2019 from 18.30pm - 20.00pm 

A bit of history

Garve Village Hall was built in 1909, and has been at the heart of the community for 110 years.  1909 saw management of the hall handed over to the community by Captain Stirling and minutes of a meeting held on 22 September 1909 say:

Captain Stirling explained that he wished to hand over the management of the hall to a Committee who would have full control of everything in connection to its management in the interest of the public and for general good of residents in the locality.
The hall has Charity status, registered as a Scottish Charity SC025656.

Hall Trustee Views

Hall Trustees look forward to sharing their vision for the hall with you and look forward to hearing your ideas too.

What are your views?  We want to know

This open meeting will be a very relaxed affair, refreshments will be provided and you will have a chance to chat to hall trustees, ask about the history of the building but more importantly put your views forward for its future.
Village Hall Trustees have lots of ideas regarding how the hall might be developed and look forward to sharing them with you.

Unable to attend?

If you are unable to join us, this on-line community hub provides the ideal opportunity to share and record your views to please do comment below.


Questions & Comments

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Jean Bailey said:

As I am unable to attend the meeting in March about the Garve Hall, I wonder if the following questions could be answered. I feel the answers would help with any feasibility study.

Who actually owns the land the hall stands on and what area does that cover. 

Who owns the fabric of the hall as is registered in Edinburgh.

Are there any restrictions on what he Hall can be used for. 

Finally, will full accounts be available at the meeting. 

Hopefully I am not the only person who would like this information. 

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Murdo Mackenzie said:

Exactly the type of comment I expected from you, no thanks or appreciation for all the hard work carried out by the trustees over the years, disgraceful attitude. 

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Blair Millen said:

Not to be contentious or anything Murdo, but I think Jean's requests sound reasonable, I think we need as much information and transparency as possible. I don't sense any bad attitude or feeling in her comment? I'm guessing there's some underlying issue at play here?


Sheree Grant said:

Not sure what this sort of negative questioning achieves or the relevance to the proposed meeting, which is to seek positive views from the Community about the refurbishment of the Hall.

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Murdo Mackenzie said:

Hi Blair, thank for your comment,, but please don't just guess that you know what I am thinking.  Also all hall business has always and I'm sure always will be completely transparent. A great bunch of hard Woking dedicated people.

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Blair Millen said:

I'm not guessing anything Murdo and no offence intended. I'm simply saying I think Jean's comment didn't deserve the cutting, personal and negative response from yourself. It wasn't obvious to me what provoked it. I mistakenly assumed you had been discussing something about the hall yourselves previously and the argument spilled over onto the website?

I've never doubted the hard work of the trustees, and although we all do thankless jobs, I realise saying thanks now and then is always much appreciated. So I'd like to reach out now to you and all your fellow-trustees to say a very sincere thank you for all your hard work over the years.

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Uisdean Menzies said:

Garve Public Hall Accounts can be viewed on OSCR website Chartity Reference SC025656.

Income and Expenditure are clearly stated there for years from 2014 to 2018.  Ms Bailey has repeatedly asked OSCRfor information and has not been happy with their replies.  The Hall Accounts are audited in line with the requirements of OSCR and have always followed their guidelines.

Garve Public Hall was gifted to Garve by  the late CaptStirling and his family.  The original Minute Book from 1909 clearly states that this was his wish.  There are also guidelines showing how Capt Stirling wished the Hall to be managed in the future years.

Any person who has any queries about the Accounts or Accounting processes, are welcome to appoint their own bona fide Accountancy firm to examine the books for Garve Public Hall for the last 20 years.  This is the length of time the current Treasurer has been charge.   Any person who goes down this route will understand that they will have to meet the expense of this themselves.

A Statement available from OSCR can be viewed at Out of the Blue Catering anytime during opening hours.

Uisdean F Menzies


Garve Public Hall Trustees

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Sue Tarr said:

Hi all,

From what I have heard over the last few months, I know that the Hall is very important to lots of people. It is thanks to the Hall committee that it continues to run. As volunteers they have alway been there to take our bookings, open up and arrange for it to be locked up again. They may not have had much in the way of resources but they have kept it going, probably they have donated quite alot themselves as far as some of the recent improvements are concerned. 

 I would like to reassure Jean and anyone else in the community that thanks mainly to the professional input of our Development Officers in the shape of Tina and Lucy,  the feasibility study is going to be hugely comprehensive, with the aim of providing community members an informed decision on the next steps.

I echo Sheree's comment - please come along to the meeting - it is by invitation of the Hall Committee (I'm not one) so that you can all be involved.

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Ed Tarr said:

Before the tone of the discussion on the Hall gets too heated I would always urge members to make sure they are working on the facts and not on hearsay. 

There is a Public Meeting to present a Community Development Plan later this month, and a chance for the whole community to hear what plans Trustees have for the hall and for the community to share their views for the future of the Village Hall next week which is great. I would point out that the TG&DDevCo has devoted time and effort to get people together and talking and to gather all the relative official details required to seek funding for development. 

We have been patiently working at clearing up historical grievances to try to progress the development of our Community. Pity to lose out on this, let's move positively forward.

In case you think I am trying to stop comments coming in - definitely not!  One of the great accomplishments of the online hub is the great points brought up and a  diversity of opinions. Keep them coming! Keep it clean!

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Jean Bailey said:

I wish to repudiate one fact, OSCR were very helpful to me, and in the end after many months in communication with the Hall Trustees, and OSCR. I received from OSCR full redacted accounts. 

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Murdo Mackenzie said:

Hi Jean, I would agree totally with you about OSCR, they were also very helpful to me, and they issued me with a full apology, once they found out that you had been asking for accounts that had not yet been lodged. 


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Sue Tarr said:

Thanks to both Murdo and Jean for the updates on OSCR. Hopefully we can all be reassured that OSCR is happy with the status of the hall and that is important. 

I have been hearing more positive ideas coming forwards for the Hall from members of the community - no spoiler alerts - you'll have to come along to the Hall meeting and join in!

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