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Need Oil?

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Time to order your oil

As you know the next order date has come around and we will sending out for quotes end of next week (FRIDAY 31st July). We had a bit of an issue last time around. Certas had two people reply to our quote request with two different prices, and a mix up that ensued resulted in them sending out the wrong price to everyone. I'll make sure the order confirmation from us goes out confirming the price as well this time. I hope this was just a one off.

During the pandemic, oil prices tanked (pun intended) and last time we ordered a total of 20,700 litres. The combination of the big order and the then current oil price gave us a great price of less than 15p per litre. I'm not expecting anywhere near these prices this time around. Today's price for 500 litres was around 39p per litre, however if you missed out at the last fill up, and you'd like to place an order then please reply with the following details Before 8PM A WEEK THURSDAY EVENING 30th JULY:

ADDRESS (incl postcode)
PHONE NUMBER - The may need to contact you if you haven't ordered with them - please give a number you are contactable on during business hours.
TANKER ACCESS - Can your property take a standard tanker, or do you need a mini tanker)

I will contact the oil companies on FRIDAY 31st July and request a quote for the total number of litres for everyone ordering, so I will get a better price than if you ordered individually.

Once I've received the quotes, I will place an order with that company that gives us the lowest price and confirm with them when the delivery will be.

I'll send everyone another email, confirming the company, delivery date, and the price we've got per litre.

From then on, it's down to you to make sure your tank is unlocked, and sort out your payment to the oil company when they've delivered.

Please email:  garveoilclub@gmail.com

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