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October Update Garve and District Energy Group

Post in Energy Group by Sue Tarr
Applications to the 2018 round of the Garve & District Energy Grant will be opening soon. We will be contacting households directly so please keep an eye out for this!

New - FREE Light Bulb Offer

Save electricity by installing energy efficient light bulbs. This offer is open to all residential households within the Garve & District area. We will be offering the latest LED bulbs which are bright, quick to light up and cheap to run.

selection of LED bulbs

To make sure you receive suitable bulbs, we will be asking you to check out what type of light bulbs you have. We will then be collecting your requests.

You will be able to choose from a selection of commonly used bulbs but please note, we can only supply you with 240V mains electric NON-DIMMABLE bulbs. These will be suitable for most houses but if you are unsure please get in touch. There will be a maximum number of bulbs available for each household.

We will be contacting each household with more details on available bulbs and how to claim them.

Light Bulb Demonstration

We will have a demonstration of the available bulbs just before the Garve & District Development Company AGM in Garve Hall in November.  You will be able to see bulb sizes, fittings and brightness, ask questions and place your requests.

All residential households in the Garve & District area are eligible to apply for the Energy Grant and the Free Light Bulbs. We always welcome your feedback on the Energy Group’s activities and if you have any queries please contact us on

With best wishes from the Energy Group Team

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Questions & Comments

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John Bedwell said:

Great Sue. A year goes quickly! Just a point about LED bulbs - lighting in bathrooms may require 12 volt bulbs (where originally fitted with or requiring a transformer in the roof for safety reasons) so I wonder if we should offer some, i.e., GU 5.3?

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Sue Tarr said:

Thanks for the suggestion, John. We have had lengthy discussions about what it is possible to offer people in the way of bulbs. There will be a selection available but you may find that we are not able to offer some particular bulbs.

There will be more information coming about the bulb offer soon - we hope that every household will be applying!

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Ina Ohlandt said:

We have moved to Garve in July and would be grateful if you could include us in any communications.

Ina Ohlandt and Graham Park

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Blair Millen said:

Hi Ina and Graham... welcome!

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